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Summerland Waterfront Resort Hotel | Okanagan Resorts ...


... contact info. Aiden & Mandy, Musicians - Oct 3, 2019 | Summerland Waterfront .
.. https://summerlandresorthotel.com/activities/festivals-events/aiden-mandy- ...

Summerland Waterfront Resort Hotel | Okanagan Resorts ...


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Summerland Waterfront Resort. https://summerlandresorthotel.com/the-resort/

Summerland Waterfront Resort Hotel | Okanagan Resorts ...


Information ... Boat Rental Reservation. https://summerlandresorthotel.com/
machform/embed.php?id=10944. Contact Information. Name * First Last; Email *.

Gift Certificate Order Form | Summerland Waterfront Resort


Purchaser Contact Information. This is a gift certificate from * First Last; Purchaser
Phone Number * - ### - ### ####; Purchaser Email *. Address *.

Boat Rental Reservation | Summerland Waterfront Resort


Our Boat Rental Manager will contact you to confirm your booking and request a
50% deposit. When this occurs, your ... Contact Information. Name. Name * First

Summerland's Festival of Lights - Nov 18, 2019 | Summerland ...


This event kicks off with the arrival of Santa and continues with outstanding
entertainment, photos, craft workshops, children's activities, ice carvers,…

Real Estate | Summerland Waterfront Resort


Contact Information. Rental Pool Inquiries: Tepic Management Group Tom
Matthews, Tepic Management Group President Cell: 250.490.1482 or email ...

iKhaya Day Spa | Summerland Waterfront Resort


Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax. iKhaya is evocative of “
home” - a special place connected to hearts, minds, and souls.

The Resort | Summerland Waterfront Resort


Our guest's check-in to completely check-out. At Summerland Waterfront Resort &
Spa you can be as busy or as relaxed as you like. It's all here.

Summerland Waterfront Resort Hotel | Okanagan Resorts


Summerland Waterfront Resort Hotel is one of the top rated Okanagan resorts. All
suites hotel with activity center, beaches, boat rentals, fitness and spa.