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Summerland Waterfront Resort Hotel | Okanagan Resorts ...


Search. Showing 81–90 of 100 results for packages. Studio Suite | Summerland
Waterfront Resort. https://summerlandresorthotel.com/the-suites/studio-suite.

Paddle, Bike & Hike Package | Summerland Waterfront Resort


This sightseeing package includes 1-hour boat rental, 2-hour bike rental, area
trail map and $20 breakfast voucher from $412 for two nights.

Wedding Food + Drink | Summerland Waterfront Resort


It's gotta be great! This is one of the biggest meals you will host for family and
friends. We offer a wide variety of menu packages to make your…

Summerland Waterfront Resort Hotel | Okanagan Resorts ...


Summerland Waterfront Resort Hotel is one of the top rated Okanagan resorts. All
suites hotel with activity center, beaches, boat rentals, fitness and spa.

Summerland Waterfront Resort Hotel | Okanagan Resorts ...


We offer a wide variety of menu packages to make your… Resort Dining |
Summerland Waterfront Resort. https://summerlandresorthotel.com/the-resort/
resort- ...

Fragrant Blossoms, Tasty Wines Await | Summerland Waterfront ...


Apr 7, 2016 ... Take in some winery experiences and spring blossoms before the busy-ness of
the season starts. Scents of spring packages from $167 for two.

Summerland Waterfront Resort Hotel | Okanagan Resorts ...


Cupid's Crush Package | Summerland Waterfront Resort. https://
Celebrate ...

Stay in Your Comfort Zone | Summerland Waterfront Resort


You want a great night's sleep and the indulgence of downtime. We hear ya! This
package has all of that, and breakfast is brought to your door. Now you just ...

Wine & All Things Fine | Summerland Waterfront Resort


2-nights stay, two $100 spa gift cards, a bottle of private label wine, wine tasting,
and a $50 dining card.

877.494.8111 · summerlandresorthotel.com


wedding package includes nearly everything you will need to keep your stress
levels down and your budget in line. 877.494.8111 · summerlandresorthotel.com