Eco Friendly

At Summerland Waterfront Resort & Spa we are committed to managing an environmentally sustainable hotel. Through conservation programs and employee training our environmentally friendly actions are making a difference.

A Resort Where Mother Nature Would Stay

The Summerland Waterfront Resort & Spa is committed to the environment. As a member of the Hotel Association of Canada’s Green Key program, the resort hotel was one of only 20 hotels in British Columbia to receive the rating of four keys out of five. The biggest component of the hotel’s energy efficiency strategy is a state-of-the-art geothermal system. The geothermal system draws naturally occurring heat from the earth to provide the hotel’s cooling and heating systems, including heating of the year round outdoor pool and two hot tubs. The resort also encourages green behavior from their guests by providing recycling bins in all suites and common areas, and giving the option of reusing linens and towels. With preserved wetlands located right on the property, other earth-friendly technologies used by the resort hotel include the use of LED and compact fluorescent lights in all guest room and common areas and energy-efficient geothermal heating and cooling.

Natural Wetlands Onsite

Get back to nature and experience the peacefulness of one of the only five natural wetlands in Lake Okanagan located directly in front of the Summerland Resort. Development of the resort was very mindful to conserve the one acre of wetland area. To integrate the wetlands with the resort a boardwalk was established to encourage guests and visitors to experience the number of birds (including a number of species on the endangered list), a resident beaver, muskrats, turtles, ducks, aquatic and plant life. Continuing with this positive approach and through cooperation with government bodies the resort has added interpretive signage.

Sustainable practices are becoming more and more common in our homes. We recycle compost and are continuously looking for ways to conserve the water and energy we use daily. Traveling, whether for leisure or business, does not mean you have to leave these practices at home. Our resort is an extension of your home; it is easy to make a positive impact no matter where you are. Here are just a few things you can do that will help make a difference.

Ways To Make Your Okanagan Hotel Stay Green

  • Lighting: If you are in the room during the day, open to the curtains to take advantage of natural light instead of turning on multiple light sources.
  • Air Conditioning & Heating: Close the windows and balcony doors if the air/heating system is on. Or alternatively, shut off the air or heat if you prefer to have the windows open.
  • Towel Reuse: To indicate you would like to reuse your towels simply hang them on the towel rack. Should fresh towels be required, we are asking to place used towels in the bathtub.
  • Sheet Reuse: Place the conservation card on your bed to indicate that you would like fresh linens. If the card is not present, housekeeping staff will then simply remake the bed.
  • Recycling: Recycling bins are available in our guest suites and meeting rooms. Make full use of it by placing items such as newspapers, paper, plastics, cans and glass in it rather than in the garbage bin.
  • Water Conservation: When brushing your teeth or washing/shaving your face shut the tap off or fill the sink to avoid leaving the water running. Keeping your showers short not only saves water but also saves energy (used to heat the water). A 10-minute shower can use up to 20 gallons/75 liters of water.
  • Energy Conservation: Turn off all lights and electronics when you leave the room. Turn down the air conditioning/heating. Close the windows, close the drapes during the day to keep your room cool.

TripAdvisor Green Leader Designation

Sustainability finalist 2014

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